About Us

Welcome to The SBI Online

Basically, The SBI Online is all about the tutorials and guides of State Bank of India. This website helps lakhs of people in India who are currently holding an SBI bank account. The SBI has many banking operations which people should know. With the aim of helping tutorials of such operations & functions, I have created this blog.

The sole purpose of building this blog/website is to educate the SBI Bank account holders. This website lets you know everything about online banking, mobile banking, personal banking, how to open SBI bank account online from anywhere, how to check the account balance on your registered mobile phone number, mini statement, and many other banking activities.

Everyday I come across with some people that they don’t even know how to withdraw money from an ATM with debit card. This is very surprising. Actually this happens in semi-urban, rural areas where they are not familiar with basic or advanced banking.

In this website, the content or tutorials that we share share is 100% true. However, there may be some changes in tutorials when the official bank changes over the time.

Feel free to ask any queries or doubts by using/filling our contact form in the Contact us page or mail us directly at [email protected]